Mother Mersy


Mother Mersy has been around since 2015 and has ever since spread the gospel of merciless rock n’ roll. With captivating live performances fueled by raw energy and emotion, the band has been established as a solid rock n’ roll live phenomenon.

Mother Mersy is inspired by bands and artists such as David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Aerosmith, Jeff Buckley, Rival sons and Led Zeppelin, but also by the dark personal portraits in Stephen King’s novels and the powerfully uncompromising participants of RuPaul’s Dragrace.

Their music shifts from dirty up-tempo rock n ‘roll to melancholy, psychedelic ballads in a place where old school 70’s rock music meets contemporary rock n’ roll. Or as the band put it themselves: “the way we think rock n’ roll should sound in 2022. Energetic, soulful and unapologetic”.