Giudi’s recent surpise addition to the Final of Czech Eurovision for Turin with her “astonishing” acapella track “Jezinky”, the Art Pop artist has become a worldwide buzz artist.

Praised internationally for its creativity and artistry, “Jezinky” has become one of the most talked about new songs online as she presented not a regular ” Eurovision Pop banger” but one that fused fashion, spirituality and art performance.

An artist leading the way with such issues as sustainability, mental health and diversity in society, also working with some of the coolest names in fashion and multimedia worldwide, recent collaborations have included with the artists from Italy HYDRA, Veeeky from China and the X-Dress project from Los Angeles.

She has performed live at big festivals and major fashion events as well a many times live on TV – she will be performing live on Rai 2 Italy in May.

Her music has already been on rotation on major FM radio stations in over 60 countries  currently working on her debut album to be released in Autumn 2022, she has performed across Europe including Waves Vienna, Eurosonic, Rock For People, The Social London and featured artist at many international Fashion shows in January (currently an EU INES artist).