Ilko Birov


Ilko Birov was born in Bulgaria and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada – where his eclectic taste in most things musical was formed. Birov is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has produced music for theatrical productions, modern dance shows, children’s albums, as well as releasing music under his own name.

Following a mini tour in Italy in 2017, Ilko Birov taught guitar, played gigs regularly in Sofia, Bulgaria, recorded drums for Jamie MacDonald and the Number Nein, released his debut album, Happy, and formed Ilko Birov Trio (double bass, guitar, violin, playing original songs). Since the start of the COVID pandemic, Birov has been composing and producing music for other artists and trailer music for AMADEA Music Productions.

In late 2021 Birov released Ilko Birov EP. His latest release is a single, COCO (April, 2022). Ilko Birov’s music has been featured on Bulgarian and Macedonian radio programs.