Обединеното Кралство

Satch is an unforgettable live performer, who writes songs as compelling as the voice that sings them. Garnering serious stamps of approval from playing some of the worlds most important festivals (Glastonbury, Reeperbahn) and airplay and live shows at the BBC, Satch is breaking ground in both musical and political arenas. Hailing from Brighton, he vulnerably tells his story through his bedroom jazz pop songs, and esteemed ‘Satch and Leo’s Transmission’ podcast.

This songwriting powerhouse doggedly innovates in order to convey his message, Having been known to duet with his pre-transition recorded vocal in live sets, while offering both harrowingly relatable songs and insight via those about the road less travelled.. Backed by an incredibly gifted band and with the release of his debut album imminent, there’s never been a better time to witness Satch’s live show.