Plovdiv is located 2 hours southeast of Sofia by car.  Following the “Trakia” or A1 highway by car will take you directly there.


From Sofia

Sofia Airport is located on the outskirts of Sofia and is the main airport for Bulgaria. From here you have several options for your onward journey to Plovdiv:

  1. Car Hire: Cars may be hired in the arrivals terminal.  You will see several stands for internationally known car hire companies, including Hertz, when you exit the baggage claim area.
  2. Taxi Hire: There is a stand for taxis when you exit the baggage claim area.  The taxi company with a license to operate at Sofia Airport is OK Supertrans.  If it is not staffed, follow the floor markings for Taxis outside to the taxi stand and consult the greeter there.  A taxi from Sofia to Plovdiv costs approximately 300 BGN (equivalent to about 150 EUR).  A taxi can also take you to the Central Train Station or Central Bus Station
  3. Train: To reach the central train station from the airport, follow the Metro markings on the floor.  Click here for a compact map of the Sofia Metro.  You will take the metro to Serdika station then change lines, changing to the blue (2) line in the direction of Lomsko Shose.  Exit the metro at Central Railway Station.  Here there are regular trains that go to Plovdiv.  A direct train to Plovdiv takes 2 to 3 hours.  A one-way train ticket from Sofia to Plovdiv costs approximately 12 BGN for a first class ticket (equivalent to about 6 EUR).  You can view a train timetable and purchase advance tickets here.
  4. Bus: Follow the instructions above to reach the Central Railway Station.  Next door is the Central Bus Station.  Here you can purchase a ticket for a bus from Sofia to Plovdiv.  The bus costs approximately 10 BGN (equivalent to 5 EUR) and takes around 2 hours.  You can view a bus timetable and purchase advance tickets here.

Direct to Plovdiv

Plovdiv Airport is a small regional airport in Plovdiv.  It is serviced by RyanAir.  From here, you can hire a car or take a taxi to the center of Plodiv.



Once in Plovdiv, SPIKE recommends staying at Temple House, situated in the heart of Plovdiv and within walking distance from all venues and an array of tasty and tempting restaurants.

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