SPIKE Bulgarian Music Showcase, in collaboration with NHL Stenden University and the Believe Ambassador Program, is working toward a sustainable future for music conferences and the music industry as a whole.  In support of this initiative, we are inviting our guests to join us in participating in our sustainability initiatives.


Steps toward sustainability

Lanyard Amnesty

Have a stash of lanyards from previous events you’ve attended or hosted just sitting in a bin in your office?

Bring your old lanyards with you to check-in and let us send them on a new adventure with SPIKE 2023 delegates!

So Long, Single Use

SPIKE will be providing water coolers and recyclable paper cups in place of water bottles.

We encourage our attendees to bring their own refillable vessel with them to help us reduce waste.

Play it Again, Sam

SPIKE will use recycled paper for its printed materials and have recycling bins for paper, metal, and plastic at our venue.

We encourage our attendees to help us reduce our carbon footprint by minding their waste.

Let’s get digital

CDs may make great merch, but they’re awkward and bulky promo.  Not to mention, few laptops these days have disc drives!

SPIKE encourages artists and delegates to consider using digital media (e.g. a QR code linking to Spotify) to share their music.