For a long time A.L.E.K.S. has been studying the craft of music artistry and songwriting. He’s been incredibly blessed and fortunate to be able to perform his music on all kinds of stages. Everything from small music venues and radio station platforms, all the way to televised shows (The Voice of Bulgaria) and big festivals like ParkLife in the UK.

As well as that, he has a diploma in Songwriting, following the completion of his tuition at BIMM Manchester, UK. As a songwriter, he believes in being present in every single aspect of composing. It is his opinion that songwriting is all about being honest with yourself and your music.

When it comes to his music, he writes the lyrics, composes the melodies, builds and arranges the songs. That way, the music remains organic, genuine and unique and therefore, it is likely to be more relatable to his audience.

Many things changed for us all due to the pandemic… A.L.E.K.S. tried to combine and furthermore utilize all the challenges, which were sent his way, to his advantage, turning his late night thoughts into something truthful and valuable. 2 years ago, he began the process of recording his debut EP, consisting of all new, original music which you are going to like, especially if you are a fan of R&B, Soul and Pop Music. He released a debut single from the project before the releasing the EP with an official video. The name of the song is “Gone”.

Prior to working on the album, he had the great opportunity to be on “The Voice” in his home country of Bulgaria where he introduced himself to the audience with his debut single “Shivers”. He ended up becoming one of the finalists on the show.

As well as the debut EP and everything he has accomplished on The Voice, A.L.E.K.S. continues working on accomplishing his dream by gigging live, both solo and with a full band, and furthermore sharing his love for music with the whole world.