Maze Hunters


Brought together from different parts of Eastern Europe, Alexandr (vocals & rhythm guitar), Dmitry (bass), Eugene (drums) and Valentin (lead guitar) establish Maze Hunters in 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What binds them together is their interest in alternative music from the East and the West, which influences them to produce a unique mix of both worlds.In their music you can find fresh and memorable riffs, aggressive rhythms, mixed with melancholic and exciting sounds, all wrapped in a wealth of innovative and outstanding effects. Their live show is a whole experience with an abundance of raw energy and dynamic performances, which always leaves the crowd wanting more.

Already in the beginning of their journey, they quickly ended up playing at the most popular clubs and festivals in Bulgaria and even opened for international acts visiting the country such as Wax Road, From Another Mother, Halocraft and Drunk Jackals.