Boyan Robert Pinter

United States

Boyan Robert Pinter – Born in Bulgaria, matured in America, enjoying himself responsibly over the world. Before moving to Europe, Boyan was a touring musician in the US. Besides being a trained guitarist, he was the designated driver and business manager. This eventually led him to a Masters in Arts Administration and a job with the. Moving to Bulgaria in 2010, Boyan finds a job with Live Nation Partner organization Sofia Music Enterprise promoting a variety of events: from Roger Water’s The Wall (stadium tour) to three productions of Cirque Du Soleil, from old school heavy metal like Slayer and Anthrax, to modern progressive rock like Steven Wilson, from classical prodigies like Nigel Kennedy, to fusion legend Al Di Meola, and contemporary global diva Sara Tavares.

Boyan’s extensive training in the music industry is matched by his never ending ambition to acquire new skills and knowledge of the industry. He is heavily invested in his current resident country Bulgaria, a part of the international music industry community and for that purpose he has conducted workshops and courses in the music business and has just launched a new conference and showcase platform to fulfill the needs of the growing Bulgaria music industry awareness called the Sofia International Music Conference – a knowledge transfer and networking project in the shape of a podcast series. These efforts evolved organically into SPIKE – Bulgarian Music Showcase.

Boyan has a continuous presence at all Eurocentric international music conference – from ESNS in The Netherlands to Mastering the Music Business in Romania, he has established a wide network of professionals within major and minor markets in Europe.

He continues to book artists for the Bulgarian market, provide management and consultation services, and find the time to make records. He is responsible for booking the first Bulgarian bands onto the festival Glastonbury, for which in 2022 he has placed three different bands / artists on various stages.

Boyan’s clients have performed at nearly every showcase festival in the world, have received funding for the recording of albums or the shooting of music videos, and have obtained a US visa, which has given them the privilege of being able to perform in American.

At the moment Boyan is completing his education in Law and is looking to qualify as a solicitor to later specialize in the fields of Entertainment, Media, Intellectual Property, and Sport.