Maciej Madejski


Concert promoter and booking agent at Sideways Booking, this Polish super-human organizes tours for alternative groups, jazz, and folk performers from around the world.

Maciej manages several Polish and international artists.  He’s a radio host, DJ, and PR agent.  In his free time (!!) he plans and organizes festivals.

Maciej is a partner of CNM – Centre national de la musique aide/associate (France) in association with Live Europe.

In the past five years, Maciej Madejski has built his career as a booking agent for the Poland and Central Europe region.  His love of music is surpassed only by the size of his music collection which (at last count) contained over 10,000 titles.

Maciej is well-acquainted with the musical culture and history of the Balkan underground and has encyclopedic knowledge of the subject.

If you’d like to quiz him, don’t forget to first ask what he’s drinking!

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