Finland/Bulgaria/United States

DANTCHEV:DOMAIN, led by Bulgarian Voice from Finland, Anna Dantchev, is a Helsinki-based international band with a great experimental taste of the world of music.

The unique sound of the band delivers the universal life stories with a balanced mixture of Balkan folk, Scandinavian jazz and cinematic storytelling – flavoured time to time with some squonk attitude. Original compositions are hailing from Dantchev’s knowledge of her deep Bulgarian music heritage. Paired with instrumental skills of established Finnish musicians, Dantchev’s musical language has found its’ audience across the genres world wide. Like a life itself, the band’s music takes the audience from serious to joyous, also ready to jump on the dance floor.

DANTCHEV:DOMAIN creates music that is at once sacred and deeply rooted in various traditions, but also crosses the borders of rhythms.

Their second album The Lions We Are (Glomama Music) was released in 2022 both as a CD and digital. Also as a first Finnish album, it was released in Dolby Atmos version.

The debut album Say It (Glomama Music, 2020) won the prestige Finnish Folk Album award.  It was also listed in Roots Music Report Top World Albums 2020 and WMCE monthly charts.

The band was selected to represent Finnish Bulgarian sound in MOST – The Bridge for Balkan Music.


  • Anna Dantchev (FI/BG): vocals, tupan-drum
  • Erno Haukkala (FI): trombone, sousaphone
  • Kenneth Ojutkangas (FI/US): tuba, guitar
  • Antti-Pekka Rissanen (FI): drums