Gilipojazz is a Spanish power trio which 92,73% of music is instrumental what mix with comedy featuring when are live on stage, formed by Pablo Levin (Drums), Ángel Cáceres (Bass) and Iker García (Guitar) The band was born in Madrid and their first release ‘Iker me debe un café’ came out in May of 2021 and first album ‘¿Dónde está el Jazz?’ in March 2022 As well as they have a vast range of influences, (artists like Frank Zappa, Louis Cole, SOAD, Renato Carosone, Magma…) They accomplish a blend between many genres, mixing the jazz-funk rhythmic seed with everything that gets in their way, maybe classical music or punk to name a few. The result is a kind of euforic progressive music that can make you laugh and leave you with your eyes wide open wondering what’s going to happen next.