Hi! We’re Hipersona, twin sisters from Turkey who love making noise! We wanna show that “POP PUNK IS NOT DEAD!” with our high and raw youthful energy on stage!

We formed in 2018 and since that time, we’ve performed at many big festivals and concerts that include ZANDARI FESTA (South Korea, 2022). We are the first and only Turkish band that has played ZANDARI FESTA, one of the biggest showcase festivals in South Korea. Our songs were played at national and international radio stations like Radio X which is one of the biggest radio stations in the UK (played by famous DJ John Kennedy as “THE HOT ONE” and “THE BIG ONE”, Amazing Radio USA and UK, BFBS Radio (played by Jim Gellatly who played Adele for the first time in the radios.). THE GRAMMY AWARDS host Ted Stryker played our song “Satellite” at the same time on 35 radio stations in the USA. And also some Japan, Brazil, Poland and Australia radios played, too! At 15.12.2022, our song “tR0ubLeMaKer” was ranked 5th song of the “Top 50 Songs of 2022” on Canada radio station “KB Radio”.

Apart from our original songs, we also gained attention with the covers we made. Our cover of BTS’s song “Butter” received great international attention on social media, and Jae-Ha Kim, the author of the world-famous music magazine “ROLLING STONE”, talked about our cover on social media.

We played at the biggest festivals in Turkey: Kuşadası Gençlik Festivali, Milyonfest Istanbul, Milyonfest Kapadokya, Rockstation Fest, Mersin Milyonfest and more. Also, we’re gonna play at the festivals in Sweden and Romania in 2023