Cussy Nicodemo


President and Founder of Dance Plant Records/Les Disque Dance Plant Inc./Cussy Music Publishing.
Cussy is foremost an artist himself (Fussy Cussy) but he is also an author/composer/arranger and Producer of many songs in the Dance Plant repertoire. Cussy has also been teaching music for the past 20 years for Commission Scholaire de la Point de I’lle (Adult education).

He has received accreditation from Dallas Songwriters Association in 1992, Received 2 Gold records with Aquarius & K-Tel for “La Vita” and “Disco Kings”

Between 1970-1980 he was televised on “Jeunesse d’Aujoud’hui”, “Feel like Dancing”, “Telethon of Stars”, Much Music, Musique Plus, Dance Party USA, and toured for 3 months at El Festival in Puerto Rico, The Montreal Forum with Santana, El Mocombo and many more.

Cussy (Fussy Cussy) has also opened for “The Village People”, “Santana” and “Mahogany Rush”. He is a member of MCPS, SOCAN and ASCAP. He speaks English, French and Italian