Malin Östh


Malin started her first band in Stockholm when she was 18 years old, a rock band called Yield’s. At the same time, she toured with the jazz pianist Allan Johansson (Povel Ramel’s conductor).

Malin moved to Skåne in southern Sweden and the Rock group ”The Four Roses” took Malin in as a singer in 1992. They played together for 4 years and released one 12 tracks album “The Four Roses”.

She started working as environment and quality manager at Kristianstads Boktryckeriet in 1994 and stayed there for 6 years. Her first business company was started in 2001 where the main occupation was a rehab center for horses. On the farm she also held seminars and courses.

In 2012 the band Bara Jonson and Free was formed together with the amazing Jonas Tancred. BjF has since released three full length albums, of which two are vinyl LPs.

Bara Jonson and Free is now an international touring duo with their own music genre, Crockpop, and was nominated as best emerging artist in Toronto during Indie Week 2019. They were selected as INES talent 2020 and 2021.

2017 Malin started her jazz band “Malin Östh Band” where they play a mix of jazz, swing, evergreens and Swedish folksongs

2021 Malin and Jonas from Bara Jonson and Free, started the music festival ‘Lilla By Festivalen’ in their home village of Rinkaby, Sweden. Already in 2022 it had grown into a hybrid festival; somewhere between festival and showcase. 2023 they are also adding ‘Kristianstad Music Days’ showcase to their list as well as their own augmented reality app for vinyl enhancement, developed by BjFGO!