Who is Ekotumi?  Cultural artist, Singer-songwriter, Poet, Dancer, Performer of Spoken word, Storyteller, Novelist, and New Mom.

Ekotumi’s works are inspired by Japanese mythology and reconstructed through the eyes of women. Using voice, singing, dance and words. She holds the Shinto culture examination (Jinja-kentei) level 1 (highest).

She has developed her own world by mixing ancient stories with modern music and has developed the ʻKojiki new translation seriesʼ – a Japanese-style contemporary opera with a personal interpretation of Japanese mythology through song and dance. Since 2015, she has been performing in concerts around the world, beginning with Europe. She also writes Japanese mythology long novels alongside her career as a performing artist.

She has also developed her activities as an artist and was granted the prize ʻKDCC Northern Kyûshû digital creative contestʼ with her collaborative art (a real time projection mapping performance) with Anderson Sudario. Her performance video was chosen for the Berlin ʻWomen Cinemakers Biennial 2018ʼ. She was awarded the grand prize for the regional art festival MMM in 2021 with her community art. Her performance video was selected for the finalist of ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE in 2024. (Venice, Italy) Her ʻCovid 19-20 projectʼ, a collection of musical work using soundscape of the current world affected by Corona, or else ʻSpray chorusʼ, a work of art playing her music when someone approaches the sprays of antiseptic solutions, are also well appraised over the world. Visitors to SPIKE 2023 enjoyed its presence in the main hall of the Boris Hristov Cultural Center.

She currently performs as a unique artist who tells the world about Japanese mythology.