Farba Kingdom

Romania / Ukraine

«Odessa, the city where newlyweds Daniil and Liza Farba founded the duo Farba Kingdom, has always been a multicultural place like other old port cities. In its depressing and dark electronics, the duo seem to transform the experience of living in a rapidly changing environment, trying to hide behind nostalgia and heal themselves along with the listeners.

With their 2020 debut album «Німб», the duo determined the future direction of their sound: post-punk despair, uncomfortable crushing industrial vibes, and a thorough string of hypnotic synths. Their music immediately evokes a comparison with the architecture of their hometown, which the artists have imbibed, where mystical neo-Gothic buildings stand next to Soviet constructivism, a visual image that almost literally screams about the hopeless sadness of those times.

Farba Kingdom’s discography easily plunges into gloomy melancholy, giving a unique feel as they mix electronica with rock, and making you move in a kind of sad dance.

If you are lucky enough to get to their concert, the oppressive atmosphere and the disconnection of the members from each other on stage can really release inner feelings and serve as therapy, helping you to let go of negative experiences and fear of doom in order to emerge purified into this unfriendly world. »

Ilya Kovalenko, «Europavox»

At the moment, the duo’s discography includes 3 LP albums, 4 EP albums and many singles that have followers in 52 countries (statistics from Spotify, YouTube and others). Farba Kingdom was included in the TOP 10 best European music artists according to Europavox in November 2023. Farba Kingdom differs from other groups of this genre in its melody and high level of performing skills, as well as fresh experimental arrangements.