Faunea is a multi-faceted artist of Danish, Peruvian, and Asian descent.

Her voice has been described as a delicate combination of lightly intimate yet with a surprisingly dark, enigmatic edge that has drawn comparisons to the eclectic styles of Björk, Die Antwoord, and MØ.

She gained international recognition when her song “Sound of Breaking” was featured in the
American Netflix series “Tiny Pretty Things.” Since then, she has written more music and participated in numerous collaborative projects, including songs like Muri’s “Fallin’,” Nonsens’ “Feel That Way,” and “I Can Imagine It All” by Dwonji. In light of achievements like this, it is impressive to note that she subsequently launched her own record label and is releasing music as an independent artist.

Her 2022 track “Satellites” marked the start of this new journey. She hereby released the captivating song called “Jellyfish” — a musical statement about resilience, self-discovery, and the beauty of staying authentic in a world where everything is constantly changing. It came with a music video filmed in Copenhagen during the “Distortion Festival,” made by the Canadian filmmaker Andy Ziel.

It turns out that was just a glimpse of what she had in store for us. She has just released her new
track “FOREVER,” which has now become her most streamed track online.