Greesh (Grisha Georgiev)  is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, performer, and producer currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria.  His sound style is alternative rock with a funky groove.  He is known for projects such as Matakka/Orange, Saint Electrics, and Dokle & Greesh.
He is currently also the bassist of No More Many More

As a solo act, he just put out three singles in a row: “Igra,” “Everything In Mine Hands,” and “Better.”

Played with Orange and Saint Electrics a lot festivals in Bulgaria and also in Serbia, and Groningen 2017 as the first award to the BNR competition

GREESH is comprised of:

Yoana Kuneva – Bassist, guitarist and vocalist. Inspired in her youth by the music of Grisha Georgiev, she now takes part in his current project Greesh. The bass has just recently landed in her hands, but that doesn’t slow her down when it comes to chasing her dreams–and they’re right in front of her, up on the stage!

Nikola Nixon Djokov – Multi-instrumentalist and composer from Plovdiv. Creator of the GABANA and Bourbon Street groups. Also participated in P.I.F. and Automatic Flowers, as well as in numerous other projects. He has played on most club and festival stages in Bulgaria.  Currently, he is concentrating on Greesh.