INSPO is a modern rock/indie band based out of Riga, Latvia. The band started out as Aivars’ solo project in 2020, but after releasing a couple of singles featuring guest vocalists he was joined by Nadina in 2021 and the band officially became a duo. In the same year they released their first EP ‘Space Between’ and in 2022 INSPO participated at the national Eurovision selection “Supernova” in Latvia and placed 8th out of 17 bands and artists. Later that same year the band released their first full length album “Duality” and again participated at the national Eurovision selection in 2023 with “Sway”. Later that year the band participated at the local talent show “X factor” and in November released a cover EP “Untitled” that features one cover which was especially prepared for “X Factor” and two more that have always been band’s favorites.

The band tries to capture different states of consciousness in their work with an emphasis on melody, atmosphere and mood. Our inspiration comes from different places and states of mind, where even a passing thought, interaction or landscape can trigger a creative output