Jes Psaila - Hinge Project


Guitarist and composer Jes Psaila formed The Hinge Project after the success of his solo album and the DUOs project. Since then, the quartet has enthralled audiences with their fusion of jazz, rock, and captivating melodies.

Their self-titled album, recorded in 2019, highlighted their unique sound and marked a significant milestone with its launch in 2021. The Project’s first album was launched in October 2021 and stylistically tends towards cross-over jazz and is made up of seven instrumental tracks.  In 2023, they embarked on their latest venture, “Causatum,” a collection showcasing their evolution and creativity, which will debut at the Campus Theatre in Valletta on 6th April 2024. Collaborating on this project are talented musicians: Mark Attard on piano & keyboards, Luke Briffa on drums & percussion, and André Micallef on bass guitar.