Liana Georgi

Germany / Bulgaria

Over 25 million people worldwide watched Liana Georgi, as she slowed down the police at the forbidden Pride in Istanbul 2021. Especially after musical legend Madonna shared the video, the singer-songwriter and activist rose to fame globally – for her fierce activism and deeply touching ballads ranging from pop to soul or jazz.

The German-Bulgarian pop voice collaborated with US American hit producer Mike Sabath, (re: Shawn Mendes & Meghan Trainor) for her song “All for love” and created the first ever lesbian Bulgarian music video for her song “Change” featuring US American non-binary supermodel RainDove, directed by award winning filmmaker Slava Doytcheva (re: Palms Springs International Film Festival).

She was named “woman of the year 2021” by SES – Equality, Justice, Woman Platform and while “Change” was exhibited in the frame of the MTV European Music Awards in Düsseldorf 2022, she toured globally at venues such as Sunset at EDITION in Los Angeles, California.

Her upcoming EP “Come Home” will be released in Winter 2024, followed by an international tour to perform for her more than 65000 followers across all platforms.