Roman Wroblewski


 Underrated: “The lovely touch of the mesmerizing keys created a really magical soundscape to the performance.”

Stereofox: “Absolutely stunning – a great listening experience and amazing musicianship.” “Conveying emotion and feeling with the piano requires more than just technical ability, it needs depth and understanding, and throughout 3.47am Roman’s ability to do just that shines through.”

…Sometimes, the best ideas are those which happen to us. They bubble up seemingly out of nowhere, emerging in your mind in a way that feels mysterious and almost magical. It’s as if your consciousness has forced them to the surface for reasons that you can’t quite put your finger on, yet you’re compelled to give the ideas life and shape. Polish pianist Roman Wróblewski’s debut piano album is a beautiful example of what happens when you embrace this process and let inspiration guide you.

The album title, 3.47am, is a reference to these moments of conception. 3.47am is the time of day when almost everyone is asleep – too early to rise, well beyond a reasonable bedtime – but it’s also the time when sleep-deprived inspiration would hit Roman the hardest.

During bouts of insomnia, Roman would get up in the middle of the night, sit by his piano, and sketch out songs and melodies. There was no great intention behind his actions, no grand plan or idea, but soon the process took on a life of its own. These late night sketches evolved into songs, the songs multiplied, and before long it was clear that this was an album in the making, and the type of work that Roman had always dreamed of.

When you look backwards, you can often see the tributaries of influence that brought you to significant moments, and detect the sources that they sprung from. Major events that you perhaps breezed through at the time and only fully processed years later, people that you have met who changed the course of your life. All of these factors can seem dormant, but really they are percolating before rippling out into your world.

In a way, the world itself feels like it is stuck at 3.47am, existing in a state of pandemic-induced limbo. Life is neither fully awake nor fully asleep. Yet in spite of the difficulties of circumstance, there is still the capacity to experience special moments. This album is the ideal soundtrack for our unique times…