Seventh Station


Seventh Station is an international Progressive / Experimental Metal entity, based in Slovenia, Turkey & Israel, influenced by 20th Century contemporary classical music, as well as bands such as King Crimson and Frank Zappa, bringing to the stage a virtuous combination of colors including aggression, panic, expressionism and Kafkaesque themes.

The band is led by nowadays Slovenian composer and guitarist Dmitri Alperovich, and consist of progressive metal artists, keyboardist Eren Basbug (moostly knownfor his conducting and arrangement works with Dream Theater and Jordan Rudess), vocalist Davidavi Vidi Dolev (Subterranean Masquerade) and drummer Grega Plamberger (Cordura).

The band’s recent record ‘Heal the Unhealed’ (November 2022, self released) is a forward thinking and demanding conceptual journey which mocks nowadays’ tyranny and dictatorships, ironically discussing paranoia and megalomania through the eyes of a fearless contemporary artist with nothing to lose.

The album was produced by the band in collaboration with the Slovenian sound engineer Matej Gobec (Laibach).