Tara Gayan


TARA GAYAN, an electrifying trio comprising Agnieszka Mendel, Maciej Hanusek, and Michał Brańka, seamlessly blends Far Eastern inspiration with a self-styled genre, CosmoRetro-SynthEthno. Their musical canvas incorporates vintage guitar tones, electronic beats, and a fusion of Indian themes, creating a genre-defying experience that embraces synth-pop and a mosaic of languages.

With a foundation rooted in years of friendship and collaboration, the trio’s unique sound mirrors their diverse artistic influences from theater to visuals. Through singles like “Tribute to Life” and “Radość,” they’ve carved a distinctive path, paving the way for their debut album. Translated from Hindi as “songs from the stars,” TARA GAYAN promises a captivating exploration of their rich and eclectic musical universe, where nomadic experiences meet a symphony of cultural influences.