Till Sunday Pirate


Renato Oliveira a.k.a. Till Sunday Pirate is a “One man didgeridoo band” that uses the instrument originally from Australia as the center of its musical performance. TSP is a well-crafted Ethno Tribal music melted with electronic synths. Playing Songs with catchy melodies, driving dance beats and plenty of ear candy, this artist makes his tribal songs with solid structures with danceable rhythms and super-catchy choruses that pop out and turn heads. Is not comum to hear to world fusion beats like this one!

His career started 19 years ago at Cavern Club in Liverpool after busking on a daily basis on the streets of Europe. In those past two decades his hard work with bands like OliveTreeDance, Retimbrar, Synaesthetic Magic, Psayagata, Lagarto, shows his wide and eclectic passion for different styles of music driving him to grow into several musical languages and cultures.
In his show, dedicated to the streets, TSP reaches the audience by merging a mix of sounds from different cultures he visited and studied over the years into rhythms that offer a unique experience and make our bodies move. The artist used to play with the public creating an astonishing interaction in the performance.

Inspired by eclectic influences for each of his compositions, the 1º single “Dubforest” ft. Hugo Otto, was released in 2019 by Natural Groove Records label and distributed by Distrokid, is a fusion between progressive trance and dub genres melted with didgeridoo. His 2º Release is “Anikuni” a fusion between sacred chants with an uptempo and acoustic drum n bass groove. In 2021 TSP released “Varanasi Vibes” and Love Portugal en 2022 releases “Espectacular ft Hugo Otto”. In 2023 released Feeling High ft Zoe Mazah from Germany and now is releasing on 15th December, “ the New Civilization” with Natural Groove Record anticipating some of the creative voice of his future LP called, “Blowviator”. Check it out following the link: https://show.co/mlWHBk3