TRIGAIDA intertwines Bulgarian folklore with modern electronic music aesthetics. Their debut album ”ELATE” has a contemporary sound and reveals a new reading of the Bulgarian musical heritage. The musicians use folklore motives and traditional songs as the basis of their compositions. These are given new life through influences from popular electronic genres such as drum and bass, dubstep, trip hop, which are also generously sprinkled with influences ranging from contemporary jazz, to world music and neoclassical, thanks to the plethora of world-class guest musicians, who were also involved in the album.

The TRIGAIDA project brings together the talent, creativity and experience of three well-established musicians on the Bulgarian music scene, namely Asya Pincheva (Oratnitza, Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria), Ivan Shopov (also known as Balkansky, Cooh) and Georgi Marinov – Horhe (Oratnitza, Drums and Bagpipes).